In Memoriam

Today is day 6 of our American vacation, our last full day in New Jersey, and it was the focal point of our whole trip.  From now on it’s all just sightseeing and goofing around.  No pressure.

Today we had a memorial service, a ‘celebration of life’ to put a positive spin on it, which is what we all wanted, for my sister Rebecca who died in  April after a long struggle with cancer.  She was 69 and, as sad as her death was, it was not unexpected.  We had it at the old age home where our Aunt Bernice lives. (103, but she keeps saying 104, or ‘I’ll be 104 in a couple of weeks’ like a little kid who’s 7 and really, really looking  forward to being 8.)

It was a simple affair, we had a bit of lunch outdoors, then we all talked about our memories of Rebecca, then we watched a slide show, Bernice lasted for about 4 hours, I was fair impressed, then we all went back to the Marriott, where youngest brother Russ and family are staying and watched the slide show several times over, this time with alcohol, laughing at all the old clothes and funny haircuts we’ve all had over the years, and remembering Rebecca as a child, as a teenager, as an  adult.

It was sad, it was hilarious, it was family.

Tomorrow,  we’re picking up a rental  car and driving down to D.C.  Next blog will be from  there.



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2 responses to “In Memoriam

  1. Jean

    Can you post the video on Facebook, if you want to ?

  2. DW

    I would love to see the slide show.

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