The Beaches at Fort Macon State Park

We are at about the  halfway point  in our vacation and starting to run into time constraints.  We may  have only  two days  in Iowa, which is not really enough, which we could stretch to 3 if  we’re going to do one day just solid driving  and that, of course, has to be left  up to the driver, who is Helena.  I haven’t had a license for years.

Today,  however, was exactly what we  needed, a day of relaxation on the beach.  We didn’t have to hurry to get there, we didn’t have to hurry to get home.  I was the first one awake this morning, which is not unusual, that’s common at home as well.  I considered going out for an early morning walk because I  love that time of day when nobody else is awake and you are alone with the birds and the air is cool, but it wasn’t actually that early.  It was about 6:30.  I considered brewing up a pot of coffee, but the coffee shop next door  was just opening and I thought that might seem rude, or at least stand – offish, as the owners of the bnb also manage the coffee shop, so I went over and ordered a coffee and they gave it to me for free because we’re sleeping here.  So, when the rest of the fam woke up we went over there and had breakfast.  Good business on their part, eh?  But, the chocolate chip cookie was wonderful, and everybody  else was satisfied, too.

The lady asked where we were going today and we said Emerald Isle, because we’d checked a map and it looked like the closest beach and she said “Oh, if you’re going to Emerald Isle you should go to Fort Macon,” which I heard as Fort Meghan, but that didn’t matter, once we got close enough my mistake was obvious.

There were signs on the way to the beach that said “No swimming, no wading, no surfing” and I was seriously bummed, what kind of a beach is that?  Also, the view was of land on the other side, so it was more of a bay than the ocean.  So, we decided to get back in  the car and find a better beach, and we asked the guy in the gift shop and he told us we’d just gone a little too far, just a mile back up the road, still in the state park, there was a proper ocean beach, and it was wonderfully sandy and the water was warm and there were even waves, but not big ones, which  is O.K., we’re a family  with kids, not adventure seeking surfer types.

Hung out for hours and now I’m sunburned, but it truly was a wonderful day.


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