Back in Knoxville

The last time I was in Knoxville, Tennessee, I spent three days in the county jail for the crime of hitch-hiking on the interstate.  Well, actually, for the crime of being a scruffy looking hippie dude hitch-hiking on the interstate.  It probably also had to do with the fact that it was 1972 and I was heading down to Florida for the demonstrations at the Republican National convention, and word had gone out to all of the highway patrols throughout the southern states to intercept any scruffy looking hippie types headed for Florida.  I eventually made it down anyway, in time to get myself arrested for demonstrating and spend a couple days in jail in Florida.
Today, watching my daughter play in the hotel pool on this lovely afternoon, I thought about this.  Now, I am back in Knoxville, staying at a nice hotel – well, it’s a Sleep  Inn but that’s plenty luxurious enough for me, they have a pool and a complimentary breakfast and the rooms are pretty much the same as they are at the Hilton or Marriott, they all have beds.  I am here with my  lovely wife and two brilliant children, and we arrived in a car that talks to us, just like in ‘My Mother the Car’ or ‘Knight Rider.’
My life is pretty good.
Tomorrow, we’re going to try to drive all the way to Iowa, but we’ll see.  If it takes us another day, it takes another day.


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