The Waiting Game

sitting at JFK expecting to board in 5 minutes for our flight back to Prague at the tail end of an incredibly eventful trip, which was sometimes stressful, not least on the New York City subways, and I will breathe a big sigh of relief once the plane takes off and we are on our way and everything is decided and finalized and no catastrophes have taken place, we did lose Helena’s jacket today, left it at Bernice’s old age home and it was too late to go back, that was the main purpose of the whole trip was to see Bernice and that went very well, plus we saw an incredibly amount of things in New York City, Baltimore inner harbor, the mall and Capitol and White House in DC, the beach and a lovely small town in North Carolina, the St. Louis arch just from the road, ate at a wide variety of fast food places and had one good Chinese meal and a couple great bagel breakfasts at the deli next to Dean’s, saw where the house I grew up used to stand, which is  now torn down and it looks so small, my old High School looks much larger though, because, in fact, it is, large sections of Des Moines have been revitalized, met my nephew Don’s wife and their two kids, and now they are calling us to board so tomorrow’s blog will be from Prague.

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