Last night’s flight wound up delayed by about 4 hours, which wasn’t really  too horrible.  I  finished a crossword puzzle, several  sudokus, and watched The Princess Bride, which was something I hadn’t planned.  I’d figured  since it was  a transatlantic flight, I’d be able to squeeze in a couple of  films I’d never seen before, taking advantage of the opportunity, but films have become like TV shows in that there are dozens of  them all  the same which I don’t  feel I  need to bother seeing as they will neither educate, inspire or  even greatly amuse me.  And usually I don’t like rewatching films, because  I know  how  it ends  so  what’s the point, but I hadn’t  seen TPB for many years, and it was very worth watching again, even though Inigo Montoya’s name is still, and will always be, Inigo Montoya.

Then they served  dinner shortly after takeoff, which kind of surprised me as it was already 2 a.m. but it was a good dinner and after that I did fall asleep, despite the turbulence.

Nonetheless, I am very tired now and plan to get to bed  shortly.  I have  made a list with my goals  for the rest of the summer, now that I’m back  from all that vacationing, all the way from losing weight to developing materials for  the next school year, and publishing at least one more  edition of poetry along  the way.

I’ll get started on that tomorrow.


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