Why Feminists Love Andy Murray Today

I’m not a super fan of sports, and this blog isn’t about  sports.  But, in an interview today after losing at Wimbledon to an American, British player Andy Murray was giving the post game interview when a reporter prefaced his question “Sam (Sam Querrey) is the first American to reach the quarter final of a slam since 2009” and Murray quickly corrected him “First male American.”
All of the comment threads I’ve seen have been praising him like he’s a great feminist hero and I was thinking ‘Hey, nothing against the guy, but all he did was make a factual correction’ and then, after thinking about it a bit more, thought ‘Well, a factual correction was what was called for, and most men wouldn’t have made it, most wouldn’t have spotted it, so maybe he is a feminist hero.’

And maybe that’s true in a lot of other situations, too.  Just speaking up, making sure the facts are set straight, that the conversation doesn’t get too stupid.  Maybe if we all do that when somebody says something stupid and racist, or stupidly right wing, or stupidly contradictory of scientific laws, like “I don’t believe in global warming because it’s cold today,” then the world would become a slightly better place.

Or maybe not.  People sure hate it when I correct their spelling.


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