Blog, Interrupted

I had a blog half written when my computer started convulsing, I swear, the blog disappeared and I’m left staring at my home screen, so I tried to reopen Mozilla Firefox and the home page would pop up and flare out like the most frustrating lighter in the  world and then I got this  weird circus music when I pressed the enter key and that truly freaked me out because that’s not normal and then I tried to shut it down and restart and I got two choices.  It said two ‘apps’ were preventing me from shutting down, and I don’t even  know what an app is. I haven’t signed up for that yet, haven’t jumped on that internet bandwagon yet.  So at first I hit cancel and thought maybe it would send me back to my familiar internet space to  shut a couple  of things down and save them, but no, that didn’t happen so I chose the 2nd option, figuring I’d lose what I’d written and taking it as a sign that it was a stupid blog, and it was, about Facebook quizzes, which aren’t relevant to anybody.

It’s a stark reminder, though, how vulnerable we are.  I hope that turning it off and on again got rid of whatever virus or glitch which was lurking amid the synapses, but time will tell.


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