Day 1 – Arrival in Krakow

So far, Krakow is totally living up to its  reputation as being a gorgeous city.  We could  see that as we drove around, lost, trying to find  our Air BnB accomodations.  A river runs through it and there appear to  be  nice riverwalks on both sides, and some interesting buildings.
After finding our place and moving in (parking was kind of a nightmare, it’s a seriously crowded  street, and not entirely  free, as we’d understood, but free evenings and weekends, so no big deal), we went out exploring.  I was a bit surprised to learn that out of our party of 10, no one had been to Krakow before and two of them (my  mother-in-law and my wife’s cousin) are Polish.  So, a new experience for  all  of us.

Found a restaurant pretty  quick and Helena decisively herded  us in, which was smart, because otherwise the ‘where to eat?’ debate could have taken hours.  The food was pretty  good, I thought, and the prices reasonable, and the service friendly.  Then we stopped for an ice cream after and the ‘small’ scoop  was, in the words  of  the dad  character in ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer,’ “friggin huge.”
We made our way to old town square, which impressed me as being bigger than Pragues, and there were some people making giant bubbles to entertain the kids, and there is this long, palatial building with an arcade along the front which I thought was exceptionally beautiful, as beautiful buildings go, and  we walked through it, inside is a long hall  of souvenir shops, and out the other side… to Old Town Square 2!  A bit smaller, but not  much, and a lot going on.   More bubbles, balloon guys, a juggler, a wedding happening up on a terrace of aforesaid long building, statues, and  the horses  and carts, but  that  was 150 zlotys for 15 minutes and we thought that was a bit much.
Tomorrow, we’re off to the Salt Mines.  Seriously, that’s not a figure of speech, we’re going to visit a salt mine.


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