Off to Poland

We’re leaving for Krakow tomorrow  early  in  the  morning.  When Helena told  me 5 o’clock I was thinking she meant 5 o’clock in the afternoon and here it’s after midnight she tells me, no, we’ve got to be up in a few  hours.

So, for the next couple of days this  is likely to be more of a travel blog than my  usual political rants, which I know most people prefer.  Those of us who like to  argue politics, like those of us  who are interested in writing poetry, tend to forget that the vast majority  of people care more about the weather, and that’s not  because  they really care about  the  weather, either, they spend all their time indoors.

But, Donna Brazile said something seriously stupid today, and since I really don’t like Donna Brazile (chairman of the DNC between Wasserman – Schultz and Perez, a mere place holder  between placeholders, and the woman who gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions in advance) I’m going to take this opportunity to make fun of her for it.

I don’t  know what the original  question was, undoubtedly something about Russia, because that’s all Donna Brazile and her  friends ever talk about, and in her reply she said ‘the communists.’  When  the questioner pointed out that Russia hasn’t been communist for quite some time, like more than two decades, she said something like “doesn’t matter, they don’t call  it the KGB any more, either.”

Now, there is some reason for those in the West to be alarmed at Russia – their obvious agression against Ukraine, their sneakily moving the Georgia border a little further into Georgia in the middle of the damned night, stuff like that, but being confused about what kind of government they  have, well, that’s just stupid.
If they are still communists, Donna, why do  they have  so many billionaires who keep coming to America to make real estate  deals  with guys like Trump?
It’s not  really a big deal.  Donna Brazile  is not actually  in any  position of  importance at the moment.  And I hope she never is.  That’s why I’m writing this.



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