Scaramucci’s an Idiot

The funniest news of the day, by far, is the phone call Trump’s new press secretary, barely a week on the job, made to a New Yorker reporter late Wednesday night.  Since he never actually asked the conversation to be off the record (which is one of the reasons I say he’s an idiot) the reporter, Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, could go ahead and share it with the world.

During the conversation, Anthony Scaramucci said things like “Reince (Reince Priebus, former GOP chairman and, until today, White House chief of staff) is a  fucking paranoid schizophrenic.  He’s a paranoiac,” and “I’m not like Steve Bannon, trying to suck my own cock.”
Now, it’s kind of funny that he got exposed in public as such a potty  mouth, but I doubt very much that’s going to hurt him politically.  People who vote for Trump won’t be offended, and some will  blame the reporter for printing it, and some will praise him for ‘speaking his mind.’  His very, very limited mind.

There are two other reasons, though, why I think this call makes him look like a fool.  First, as I said, was not putting the conversation off the record.  Second was making the call at all.  All  the reporter had done was report (bare bones, it was a tweet) that Scaramucci had had dinner with Trump, Sean Hannity and a couple of other people.

Scaramucci wanted to know who’d leaked that information, as if that information were a really big deal (well, it is now).  He threatened to fire the leaker, who he was pretty sure was Priebus, and a whole lot of other people as well.  He seems to like the Trump philosophy, which is simply ‘You’re Fired!’  Donald Trump’s role model while growing up, I suspect, was Mr. Spacely from Spacely Sprockets.

Anyway, two things have happened today, which may or may not be related.  Reince Priebus has been fired, which seems to indicate that Trump likes Scarmucci’s style.  And, Scaramucci’s wife has  filed for a divorce.  I’d love to hear the reasons for that, and I’m sure we eventually will.  Because Anthony Scaramucci, apparently, does not know how to keep his mouth shut.



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