The Power of the Internet

I watched a rather cute video  (well, except for  the part about how her grandmother’s  tongue was cut off by an outraged mob of religious crazies) about a 90 year old Jewish woman who had given up on religion and so decided to try some bacon, for the first time in her life.
I’m not going to link  to it because I  didn’t save it, but the thing I want to talk about is the reason for her rejecting Jewish tradition: Google.  She said that when she first started using a computer, she would use Google to look up recipes and stuff but became fascinated with the way  it would suggest topics before you are even finished typing.  “I started off with Julia Child  and before you know it, I was reading Christopher Hitchens,” she said.

That is so true, and so much a factor in the world today, that we can’t overestimate it, and shouldn’t underestimate it.  (obvs, we should estimate it just right, like Goldilocks, and that’s the hard part, hence this blog)

Surfing is good fun.  You see things you never would have seen otherwise.  And information, as we see in this video, can change peoples’ viewpoints and change their lives.  Of course, just bouncing around from topic to  topic, or watching YouTube endlessly, or getting into political  arguments on facebook can suck up a lot of your time.  But, what is time for?


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