Alien Intelligence on Earth

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, smoking pot and working on a jigsaw puzzle without a great deal  of success.  So, I’m wondering what to write about but  I’m simultaneously watching a documentary about whether or not Chimpanzees have religion.

It’s a fascinating topic.  If so, then human beings probably practiced religion before we even became human beings.  It was well entrenched by the biblical era.
It’s an interesting contradiction.  On the one hand, I think religion is bunk and human society would be better off if we could get over it already, but it’s fascinating among apes and it is a sign that they are thinking animals, I  mean beyond thinking about dinner.

If they are thinking animals, shouldn’t we relate to them as such?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had two intelligent species on planet Earth, who could communicate with each other.  They could learn about human society (omg, that will blow their minds) and we can learn more about theirs than we’ve ever been able to before.

I have a theory to explain the Fermi Paradox, or to answer the question “If the galaxy is  so filled with intelligent, alien species, why haven’t they visited us yet?”

Aliens, being very intelligent (hey, they’ve crossed space – have we crossed space?  No, we  haven’t.  So, stop interrupting.) can tell a lot about the nature of a species by examining  all the species of that planet.  If there is only one intelligent species, they know right away that it’s an aggressive species, because it killed off the others (Neanderthals, Denisovans, Homo Florensis, and others)
So,  they keep clear and let us stew in our own juices, so to speak.  If they see two or more intelligent species sharing the planet in harmony and friendship, they know  that the  species can play nice with others, and we’d get invited to join  the Federation after all.
The chimps may be out last chance.


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