The Robots are Coming

The thing that got me today, and this is pettily peevish on my part, was when we were discussing a society where robots did all the work, and someone described it as an “Orwellian Nightmare.”  No.  An Orwellian nightmare is when the police can arrest you for not liking the government, throw you in jail, torture you until they break you and actually make you love the government.  It is a nightmare world  where the government can get right inside your head and make you into something different.  It is a world in which the government brazenly lies to everybody about everything, but everybody accepts it because they love the government, and believe it.  But it  wasn’t about robots.  Not even close.  The highest tech thing they had was that the viewing screen could be monitoring you, and it would  tell you you weren’t doing your morning push-ups with  sufficient enthusiasm, for instance.  But, it was
He might have said “an Asimovian nightmare” except that Asimov generally wrote positive things about robots, or maybe a “Čapekian nightmare,” but no.  Just like Shakespeare and Mark Twain get all the internet memes, Orwell  gets all the nightmares.

Anyway, I just totally fail to see how robots washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, mopping and vacuuming the floors, cooking all the food, and carrying your bags around while you shop is going to be a nightmare.
Yes,  many men will feel emasculated by robot cars, but if you are one of them, I didn’t want you on the road anyway, so I’m cool with that.  Robot cars will not drive aggressively.  They won’t get angry at other drivers.
I am not sorry that people who formerly worked in mines, or on factory assembly lines, will  be out of a job.  Their lives will be improved.
All our lives will be improved.  If you are worried about the robots taking over, or removing all the challenge from our lives, you can always go play Bear Gryllz out in the woods somewhere.  It’s a big world.


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