Booker’s Bogus Bill

Must hammer out a quick blog as Sam has a friend over and the  living room couch  is  needed as a bed, but not too much to say that hasn’t been said.  Trump is stupid, childish, delusional, the DNC is deliberately losing to the Republicans because that’s what they’re paid to do (find me a better explanation), North Korea is  still threatening to blow up the world, there’s and absolutely insanely unconstitutional bill that some people  in  congress (and not just Republicans) are pushing which would actually  make it  illegal to protest  against Israel.

On the bright  side, Corey Booker has suggested a bill  to totally legalize marijuana at the federal level, which would be amazing, revolutionary, and would totally change things for the better.  But then, I remember who Corey Booker is, and what a bucket of sleaze he was to vote against senior citizens getting  a break on drug prices, and I have to suspect this  bill is merely his  act of atonement, an attempt to  remain politically relevant, to once again be the hero of the cool kids, and not sincere at all.

Someone said (not going to look this up, but I’m sure lots of people have said it because there’s a pattern, it’s a matter of public record) that Democrats will  avidly support any bill  they know has no  chance of winning.

Which is a shame, because it could do for the  U.S. what it has done for Colorado, and if we could  get past all restrictions world wide on this miracle plant the world would be a much better, certainly a much  mellower place.
So, here’s the deal, Senator Booker.  If you actually get this bill passed, I will seriously consider your candidacy for the presidency.  If not, piss off, you’re still a scumbag.  Ball’s in your court.


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