We argue a lot (I mean we all Berniecrats) about Demexit or Dementer, whether to go out on  a limb, leave the nest, admit that the Democratic party has no intention of releasing their death grip on the levers of power and try to form a 3rd party, or do we try to take over the Democratic party from within.  After all, we are the political descendants of FDR.  They are the corrupters, the usurpers.
While I understand more and more the logic of going 3rd party, it does seem an impossible task, and may take years.

What would it take to form a 3rd party?  It’s not about having the right, catchy name, although I suppose that never hurts.  What it would take is a few million dedicated souls, a bit of paperwork, and a platform.

We’ve got the millions of dedicated souls.  We may not be a political party yet, but we’re a hell  of a voting bloc, and we are interconnected.

We’ve actually got  the  platform, too.  I’ve been inserting it into lots of my posts, and I’ve seen a lot of other people do  it, too.  It’s become a litany.  Health Care, Money  out of politics, living wage, free tuition, end private prisons, etc…  It isn’t always exactly  the  same.  We don’t have  exactly  the  same priorities.

What I have noticed is what an incredible range of issues we have agreement on.  Here’s what our new party’s (if we were to form a new  party) platform would  look like.


  1.  Health Care.  Damn right it’s a litmus test.  If you don’t support universal health care, you’re not  really  a Berniecrat.
  2.  Living wage.  Right now, we’re talking $15 an hour
  3.  Get money out of politics
  4.  End Private Prisons
  5.  Legalize Pot
  6. Transition to a Green Economy – create jobs in the process
  7. Make the Police Accountable for their actions
  8.  Make the rich  pay  their  fair share of  taxes
  9.  Stop bombing everybody for no good reason
  10.  Free college tuition

If you agree with all 10, congratulations, you  are a member of the party.  If you  agree with fewer than  5 or 6, go ahead and vote for somebody else, or don’t  vote.  Seriously, not  voting  is an option.
Anywhere between those numbers, let’s talk about it.


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