A Tale of Two Books

I’ve been between books (talking about reading now, not writing) for a couple of weeks, so  I was very pleased when Helena got me one by Neil Gaiman, who is an author I’ve been hearing about from several different directions, but had never read.

Neverwhere is the story of average-guy Richard who’s living the yuppie life complete with snooty girlfriend when he stops to help a girl in distress, which grosses his girlfriend out because she looked all derelict and homeless, and the girl has some weird magical powers, like she can make doors open, and talk to rats and pigeons.  And she lives underground and has a couple of weird, demonic people trying to kill her.
So far I’m finding the characters really interesting, and it’s well written, but somehow I’m finding it fairly predictable.    I mean the story arc, not the details, which are many and quite suitably bizarre.  Like, for instance, the part where nobody notices him, he’s like a ghost.  It was an  interesting touch, but you knew SOMETHING was going to happen to  make him follow the girl.  He couldn’t just go  back  to normal after that.
Then, got a message on Facebook that my friend Becky has written a book and it’s currently a free download on Amazon, “Leah Bishop and the Book of Ken-Tse.”

So, I must begin that one forthwith.  Books are great.



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