Lazy Day

Oh, this is turning into the laziest summer ever, and I’m kind of enjoying that behind the guilt of not getting any  of the things done that I should  be getting done.  It was raining in the morning when I got up and it poured and poured and that always clears the air and lowers the pressure, especially as this is the  most oppressively hot summer I’ve ever seen in Prague.
I read a lot, two books simultaneously, I’ll maybe finish them both this weekend.  One is by a friend of mine, one is by a famous writer, but there are a lot of  similarities between them.  Secret lives, a bit of the supernatural, prophecies and curses.
Isabel made pancakes for breakfast, I made leftovers for lunch (the chicken nuggets in blue cheese that Isabel had made for dinner a couple of days ago), spent a fair bit of time on facebook, my Berniecrats group has a saboteur or two, and at least one of them seems to be among the admins, so that’s a problem.  But, the way I see it, it’s a group with more than 50,000 members, who are all  on the same track, the same page, who all have close enough to the same mindset that a saboteur or two isn’t going to change much.

Then, met a couple of friends who are visiting Prague and had a great conversation about bygone days, but there were some names and incidents I didn’t remember, that was my last year of drinking, and a great deal of  it was spent in an alcoholic fog, then politics came  up and you’ve never seen anything escalate so fast.  They were totally convinced Hillary lost because she was a woman.
Still, even though she said I (all who didn’t vote for Hillary) was directly responsible for Trump, somehow we managed to change the subject back to more neutral topics, she did a comedy, magic act which got a laugh out of everybody and, all in all, it was a lovely afternoon.


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