Prague Pride Parade

I’m not going to write about the tragedy in Charlottesville tonight.  It’s too fresh and anything I type is likely to be more incoherent rage than logical observation.  So, I’ll  write about that in a day or two, after I’ve had time to  absorb it all, and we have more information.  At least one person  is dead, and I don’t want to jump in and  start shouting until we know more.
Today, I marched in the Gay Pride Parade.  To my discredit, this is the first one I’ve ever attended.  It was a fantastic atmosphere.  There were counter-protestors, with huge signs saying “The Czech Republic is not  Sodom” and “Stop Extremism” which I thought was a bit of  an oxymoron.  At any rate, impossible.  On any issue, or in any field of  human endeavor, there are going to be extreme positions.  There are also going to be moderate positions.  And several others, along the range.  Because there’s always a range.
Anyway, the counter protesters, despite their position right by the horse at the head of the square and their outsized signs, were absorbed by the body of the protest.  Partly just because of the numbers, partly because their signs just blended in with all the other signs (Cake Against Hate!) and partly because people, including many dressed in outlandish costumes, kept coming up to them and looking at their signs.   I suspect some even engaged them in conversation.

There were balloons, and floats, and people on  stilts, and music, and lots and lots of people wearing face paint and rainbow colored clothing but I didn’t feel out  of place in just jeans and a t-shirt.  It was a friendly, casual atmosphere.
There was also a bit of street theater.  I don’t know if you could call them furries, because it was more  leather, but a bunch of guys dressed up like animals, a dog being led around on a leash, a rabbit.  It was all very entertaining.

I plan on doing it again next year.  Gay people know how to put on a party, no  doubt about that.


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