Some Thoughts on Political Comedy

If you are one of those reading my blog who prefers not to see bad language, skip to paragraph 2 and you’ll  still  get the gist of what I’m saying, but Trae Crowder (google him if you don’t know who I mean, or YouTube), the Liberal Redneck, is a seriously  funny guy.  “Saying you’re a patriotic American while you’re carrying a Nazi flag, or a Confederate flag, is like arguing against gay marriage with a dick in  your  mouth.”
Now, that’s a funny line.  Especially when delivered with an Appalachian accent.

Trae Crowder is a rarity among political comedians – he’s actually funny.   Unlike Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp, who  I like and listen to, but it’s mostly because I agree with their political views.  They seldom make me laugh out loud.
Looking back a few decades, they  remind me a lot of George Carlin.  Not the early George Carlin, where he did stand up on a variety of subjects and was great, like his Hippy-dippy weatherman routine, but the ones of the older, more bitter Carlin, which get posted to Facebook again and  again. Those are just political rants, and devoid of heartfelt belly laughs.  My Bernie friends all  love him.   The best I can say is I usually agree with him.

The world needs more laughs, and just reciting a litany of how messed up the world is and how ridiculous the opposition’s policies are is not humor.  There’s got to be a joke in there somewhere.  Trae Crowder’s got that.



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