The Daily Insanity

Very often, I see my liberal Facebook friends posting about Trump’s latest outrage and I click over to see, and think “Well, they were exaggerating that one a bit.”  Partly that’s because  we all tend to exaggerate to make our point and partly it’s because we are almost immune to Trump doing and saying stupid things.  He is a stupid man, after all.
Well, I thought it would be like that when I saw people posting “Trump totally LOSES it at press conference,” especially as that’s one phrase I  think is overused.  I see ‘totally loses it’ in the teaser and think ‘eh, maybe said something uncool.’
But, no, he kind of lost it.  Lost the thread, gave up on any semblance of human decency.  Said there were some fine people at the Nazi rally in Charlottesville.  Said they weren’t all white supremacists, and they were viciously attacked by left wingers who didn’t have a permit.
I know that you can’t trust TV footage 100%, but there sure were a lot of Nazi flags there, and the Nazis are most famous for sending 8 million people to their deaths in concentration camps, and starting a war that killed 18 million.  They were not nice people, and anyone trying to revive their ideology is not a nice person.
Now, Trump has basically come out on their side.  The Nazi side.  If that’s not grounds for impeachment, we should make it so.

He also talked a lot  about infrastructure, and seemed to think the way to repair it is to remove all regulation.  Yeah, think about that next time you drive across a bridge.


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