It Was the Car


(Whatever else I suggest in this blog, the truth is this: Heather Heyer was killed by a Nazi driving a car.  He is the  one to blame, and he is the one who must do the time.)

There are a lot of people casting blame every which way, and Trump started it with his ‘violence on both sides’ comment.  Some people blame antifa for engaging in violence.  I don’t approve of violence, as a general rule,  but it’s pretty clear that antifa didn’t  actually start any of the street skirmishes.  They were also much less heavily armed than the Nazis.

We may disagree on methods, but they are still people I could be friends with.

Some people blame the police.  They stood back and let the violence happen.  That’s true.  They were useless.  But, that’s almost always true.  Often, they are worse than that.
One Facebook friend was holding forth today that the authorities of the good city of Charlotte were to blame, for granting the Nazis a permit.  Well, they tried to deny the permit but the ACLU took them to court, and won.
So, you could blame the ACLU if you’re so inclined, but I’m not.  The ACLU was absolutely correct.  Nazis should have the right to assemble, and speak.  However, it would not have been wrong for the city to attach a couple of conditions to that permit, such as: 1. Don’t bring guns.  I’ve been to left wing rallies, peaceful rallies, where police confiscated people’s signs because ‘the sticks could be used as weapons.’  2.  Don’t kill anybody.
That second one is really important.

I see another party  to blame here.  It was the car.  Sure, it was that loser what’sisname from Ohio, but if  he hadn’t had a car, Heather Heyer would still be alive today.  Once you’ve identified the culprit, the solution is clear: driverless cars.
They will also eliminate automobile accidents, traffic jams, road rage, and the frustration of trying to find a parking place.  Just a win-win all around.


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