Christopher ‘Snowflake’ Cantwell

Not infrequently, someone in the public eye will say something, and someone with a sharp eye and a long memory (sometimes a journalist, sometimes just an amateur with a social  media account) will  locate an old video of them saying the exact opposite.  There are actually compilations of Hillary doing that.  With Trump, it’s not hard to find them at all.
But I’ve never seen it happen faster than it has with Chris Cantwell, one of the Nazis who was at the riots in Charlottesville.  I watched this video earlier this afternoon:

In it, he brags that his side had no casualties as opposed to the one dead on the counter-protesters side, said there were going to be more fatalities in the future, and shows off all his guns.  He comes across as a scary guy, one you wouldn’t  want to meet.  I was very impressed with the journalist, Elle Reeve, who managed to keep her cool while surrounded by bloodthirsty, racist Nazis.

Then there is this one:   of the same character whining and actually  sniffling and crying like a scared toddler who’s lost his mother on the subway.  He heard that there was an arrest warrant out  for  him (good) and said he’s terrified and doesn’t know what to do.
It’s the complete lack of self-awareness that surprises me.  I mean, he must have  known that the tearful video would not make  him look good.  Not manly.  Not tough.

But, he posted  it  anyway.  What a dope.

The first video is about  20 minutes long, but it’s worth  watching.  The second one is  standard Facebook meme length, about  2 or  3 minutes.
I highly recommend watching both.
And yes, Chris, we are laughing at you.  Not with you.



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