McCain Involved in Collision

I probably shouldn’t be making a joke out of  this, because it just happened and ten people are probably dead, but the Navy Ship that had  a collision today with a civilian tanker was the U.S.S. John McCain.  It just seems to me a bad idea to name a ship after somebody who did not exactly have an accident free record as a pilot.  It would be like a curse.

Then again, maybe the ship is named after his father or grandfather, in which case never mind.


The funniest photo of the day had to be Trump standing on a balcony, looking directly at the sun.  Melania had the sense to be wearing sunglasses, and Barron had apparently been instructed not to  gaze directly at the sun, but the slack-jawed yokel in chief apparently hadn’t got that message.

It’s not just that he’s stupid, although there is  that.  It’s  that he’s seriously  uninformed.

Is it mean of me to hope that he’s damaged his  eyes?  Very well.  It’s mean of me.


Wrote a couple of really good poems today, and I’m pleased with them.  I don’t see it as plagiarism to take a line from somewhere else, something that was used  as a line in a different context, and write something around it.  Because in one case the guy started with a really interesting premise, i.e. when you hear a voice inside your head, whose voice is  that?  It can’t be yours, because your mouth is closed, you didn’t speak.  So, I like the idea of some manifest consciousness inside yourself, but then he got all religious and I stopped there, but wrote a poem about ‘The World of Dreams’ which used that idea.  In the second case, somebody  was peddling books on Meeting the Universe, or something new-agey like that, but I liked the title and wrote a poem about that , but using the intransitive ‘meet’ as in, the point where you are at is the point where you and the universe meet, and I’m not sure that’s what the author meant at all.
They are definitely original poems, perhaps ‘inspired by’ other works, but that’s O.K.  They’re the most I’ve written for a while.




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