Morgan Freeman Joins the Cover-Up

Now, I just came on this program in the middle, this guy was showing a chart, something about how some set of random events related to 9/11 had occurred before the first plane hit, and then you get the mellifluous and soothing voice of Morgan Freeman, saying “Could this be proof that we have a sense of precognition” or words to that effect, and I thought “Only if you totally rule out the possibility it was an inside job,” because that would totally explain the chart (if it was stock buys, canceled plane tickets, worried phone calls, or any other activities that might have happened if people had advance knowledge).
It’s a shame.  I like Morgan Freeman.  I know he’s not Michio Kaku, I know he’s just an actor narrating a science show and not necessarily a scientist himself.  Nonetheless, he is a trusted figure.  He is the Walter Cronkite  of weird science.  So, I’m very disappointed in him.
Let’s look at Occam’s Razor.  Occam’s Razor is one of those laws that isn’t actually a law at all, it’s more like a zen koan or an internet meme.  Something that sounds nice, and might even work most of the time, but has no real basis in science.  Basically, Occam’s Razor says the  simplest explanation is probably the right one.  When it supports something I disagree with, I’ll point out that it’s not a law, not like the laws of physics are laws.  When it supports something I agree with, I’m not above citing it.

So, which is the simpler explanation?  That the human species has suddenly developed a 6th sense and can predict the future?  Or, that powerful people inside the U.S. power structure knew about it in advance, and acted accordingly?
It would be pretty amazing if we did have a bit of precognition, might save us a lot of problems in future.  But, it’s more likely it was just an inside job.


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