Autumn is Coming

Earlier today as I was out on my  balcony getting high, as I tend to do, I was gazing rather aimlessly at the trees.  We have three large chestnut trees right in front of us.  As we have lived in this flat for almost 15 years, I am probably as familiar with those particular trees as I have ever been with any in my life.  I have seen them bare naked  in the winter (I am speaking of the trees, but any way  you read that sentence is true), with snow on the branches, budding in the spring and solid green in the summer.  I’ve followed the seasons of their nuts forming and falling, brilliant brown treasure nuts  for  children to collect.

Anyway, I digress.  I was looking out, the air was still, it was a blank slate of a day,  and I could hear a strange noise.  At first I thought somebody was doing some kind of work, with a machine that made a rhythmic crunching noise, like a flash mob eating potato chips in unison, kind of like locusts but it wasn’t  locusts.  Couldn’t place it at first.

Then I realized it was coming from the trees, and the birds moving around in the trees.  But, the leaves wouldn’t have sounded like that a week ago.  They have turned brown and brittle and soon they will fall.  That was to be expected, eventually.   It is the  cycle.  A bit early, though.  That may be because it’s been such a hot summer.  Not only are the leaves nearing the end of their life cycle, they are also drying out  in the sun like  grizzled, old prospectors.
And the cycle continues.


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