Amateur Pundits

I don’t have anything important to say tonight but I’ll crank out 250 words nonetheless.  It amazes me how people who write columns for magazines – never mind that the magazines are all online now, they seem to stick to the same length, which I’m guessing is at the command of their editors – they tend to be about 5,000 words long.  While I am an opinionated (the older I get, the closer that looks to ‘cantankerous’) person, there are few subjects on  which I could hold forth for 5,000 words without being hideously repetitive.  In fairness to myself as a writer, most of them wind up being repetitive as hell as well.
Just watched a Chris Crocker video, r.e. racist statues.  He sure has mellowed a lot since he burst into fame with his ‘Leave Britney Alone!’ video, he seems to be as credible a pundit as Lee Camp or Niko House.  With his strong southern accent and all cleaned up, he seems like a gay version of Trey Crowder.

Was watching another video today of a woman enumerating why Trump supporters are racists, and morons, and she was sounding quite intelligent and inspiring right up until she mentioned Hillary Clinton.  Seriously, Clinton people have got to get over it.  She was a terrible candidate, she would have made a terrible president, and the very clear message for the Democratic Party is  ‘Choose a better candidate next time.  Better yet, let the people choose the candidate.  That way, you get a candidate the people have chosen and they’ve got a better chance to win.’

That’s 260 words and I’m out.


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