Why Things Always Get Taken Too Far

This sort of follows on what I said about Joel Osteen yesterday.

Kamala Harris is a corporatist Democrat.  She has fundraisers in the same places Hillary Clinton  has fund raisers.  Her record as California Attorney General favored the banks over their  customers, the police over the people.  She is the darling of the DNC, and thoroughly disliked by the Berniecrats.  But, she said  today that she is in favor of Sanders’  medicare for  all  plan.
So, we should be jumping for joy, but plenty of Bernie supporters are saying “Don’t trust her, it’s just lip service and she’ll screw us again in the end.”  That might well be true, but in the current battle what  we wanted her to do was back the bill  and she’s done that.  I’m not suggesting that we all go  out and sign up in  the Harris for President campaign, I’m just saying that we might shift our anger to the next Senator or Congressperson in line.  This would both send the message that anybody who fails to support it will  be targeted, but also that supporting it will earn a bit of a reprieve.
The statues.  That’s another place  where maybe we’re going overboard.  We demanded the removal of Confederate statues, and a lot of communities have responded and torn them down.  We’re probably stuck with Stone Mountain, but a whole lot of small, southern town squares have changed for the better.  Problem is, I’m seeing calls on  Facebook for removing statues of Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, and some famous gynecologist who apparently was a slave era version of Dr. Mengele and did some seriously cruel experiments.  But, where does it  end and is this diluting the original message and just becoming a frenzied war against statues?
Why does this happen?  I suppose some  of it might be trolls, some of it is well intentioned people who have an obsession with some particular aspect of history, and some of it is people who are just on a roll.  Once they feel they are on the winning end of an argument, there’s a temptation to pile on, to  try  and run  up the score, to take it as far as you can.

Sooner or later, it always goes too far.


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