Too Soon

Bernie Sanders always has been, and continues to be, a class guy.
When he was being interviewed by Chris Cuomo on CNN, Cuomo asked him if he was running in 2020.  Bernie set him straight.  No rudeness, no over-reaction, but let him know  in no uncertain terms he was being a wuzzock.

“The media never, ever gives up, and instead of focusing on real issues, they keep talking about never-ending campaigns.  We just had an election six months ago.  People are sick and tired of it; they want me to go back to Washington, to deal with climate change, to deal with healthcare, to deal with education, to deal with the issues that impact their lives.”
Not only did he educate Cuomo as to his proper role as a journalist, he managed to introduce three critical issues into a discussion Cuomo was trying to make as issue free as possible.

It is too early.  One thing I hate hearing, which I hear a lot of  in my particular group thoughtbubble, is whether we, the Berniecrats of ’16, should  be sticking with Bernie, or pushing for Tulsi Gabbard.  There’s no conflict, there’s no argument, since they are in basic agreement on the  issues, and it’s the same  group of supporters.  Therefore, I’m sure that if Bernie runs, Tulsi won’t, and vice versa.
There’s two reasons for that.  First of  all, neither of them are in it for raw, personal ambition.  At least, it doesn’t seem like it.  Secondly, it would be politically  foolish for them to run against each other (as I said above, same group of supporters).  So, we’re wasting energy arguing about something that’s not going to happen.  When we should be talking about climate change, health care, and education.

Exactly as Bernie said.


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