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Quite a bit of news today.  First, if you are in Florida, good luck.  I’d strongly suggest you get out.  Take that drive north and spend a few days in Georgia.  Sleep in your car if you have to.  It’s not like you’re going to be able to do much.  The best possible result of hanging around is that you won’t actually die, and you dramatically increase your odds of that by leaving now.

This business of canceling the dream act is a mistake on Trump’s part.  Of course, he’s being cruel, and petty (none of the dreamers have ever hurt him or, in fact, the U.S.), but the thing is, it’s so unnecessary.  If he  hadn’t done this, most people would be totally  unaware that the Dream Act even exists, and he would have lost no votes by doing nothing.  He goes out of his way to screw things up.

We have now seen some excerpts from Hillary’s book, “What Happened.”  Incredible arrogance on her part not to put a question  mark after that.  Instead of investigating what happened, trying  to figure out what happened, she presumes to tell us what happened, and gets it completely, 180 degrees wrong.  Basically, she blames Sanders.

Come to think  of  it, maybe she’s not wrong.  As soon as Sanders appeared  on the scene, the contrast between him and Hillary Clinton was striking.  An honest human being, sincerely working for the good of all people, versus a slimy, calculating, issue straddling politician.
After that, it’s understandable that people were unwilling to support Hillary Clinton.

It’s like you go  into a restaurant and they say “Oh, sorry, we’re out of lobster, we can give you a peanut butter sandwich instead.”  And you say “No, you had the lobster, you just threw it in the garbage, we saw you.”  And then they’re surprised when you  get up and walk out of the restaurant.

That’s what  happened.


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