In a face to face conversation between two reasonably polite people, one will say something, the other will then say  something which  relates to something the first person said, or maybe ask a question, and it will go back and forth like that, like a friendly game of catch, or frisbee, where the object is  not to win, to defeat your  opponent, but to keep the volley going.
Of course, there are variations on  this.  Some of your friends are likely to be  more garrulous than others, and sometimes you’ll just let them go on.  Sometimes they are entertaining.  Some people are quieter, and it may take a bit of work to draw them out.  But if both, or all, parties are willing, some kind of conversation takes place.
Social media is a bit different, and is still in the process of discovering its own norms and etiquette, but the taking turns format still exists.  And is sometimes ignored.
I just had a very odd conversation, if you can call it that.  Someone posted a bit  of  a rant about how beauty is only  skin deep and we should look more for spiritual beauty and  not be so materialistic and shallow.  It’s a popular thing to say, and I don’t object to it.

I’m a fairly  shallow person, true, and very attracted to  attractive people, but I understood what he was saying and, in most contexts, would have  just ignored it and moved on.  Not an evil statement, just a  bit of pablum.
But, it came from one of  my poetry sites, and it was not poetry.  No line breaks, no meter, no rhyme, no metaphor even.  So, I commented.  “Not poetry.”
This great lover of beauty erupted in a torrent of expletives which made me suspect him of right wing tendencies.  Bitch ass snowflake.  Fuck you, you ain’t got shit, you pussy.  Stuff like that.  Five or six comments.
I responded, something along the lines of how his choice of words contradicted his original statement.  This brought out another string of about 8 comments.
My point is, if you’re on social media, and you look at the comment thread, and the last three or four comments are all yours, maybe it’s time to let somebody else get one in.  If nobody does, it’s probably a sign that nobody else is particularly interested, and you can move on to another conversation, in which other people are actually involved.

Just a suggestion.


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