Interdimensional Travel

OMG, it’s after 1 a.m. and I’ve pretty much  wasted  the day, got high, spent a lot  of  time on facebook, worked a little bit on  a poem I’m writing which came to me kind of all at once but, between general concept and actual words on paper there is a gulf, and no bridge across  it except  the  one you  build yourself.
The idea is to use a sort of  a double dactyl rhyme scheme (without all the other double  dactyl rules, which are damned near impossible to adhere to) to write  about the grandfather paradox of time travel, and  the multi-verse theory which would smooth out that paradox, and  how if there are multiple alternate universes, (which probably means an infinity of alternate universes), and we just haven’t discovered them yet, then civilizations who  are more advanced than us by millions or even billions of years (because yes, the universe (this universe) is that old) will have discovered it by now and perfected  the means of traveling from one to the other, just like in Sliders, which was a really  brilliant concept for a sci-fi series but suffered from bad writing and bad  acting.  Perhaps it’s just me, but there’s something I  don’t like about Jerry McConnell, and I  don’t know  what it is.  The rest of the  cast  were pretty lame, too.
So, somewhere in this specific galaxy, the one we are actually, currently in, there are  species who are hopping in and out of these other realities with greater ease than we have even getting beyond our own atmosphere, and someday we’re going to run across them, and there are alternate realities where we already have.

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