What’s Going to Happen

We all have our own ideas about  what happened, and,  therefore, about What Happened.  My Facebook feed is about evenly  split between people who are mocking the book furiously, and those  saying we should ignore it.

I don’t have a lot  of  Hillary  supporters among my Facebook friends.  Anyway, I  believe I blogged on that topic a few nights ago, with the idea that  the Internet is vast and can host one more than one  conversation at one time, the marketplace of ideas is  inevitably going to have more than one stall.
But tonight I’m just going to make a prediction.  One more week, tops.   After a week, nobody will be posting about Hillary’s book and we  can go back to more immediate topics.  This is based on a couple of  things.

The juiciest  bits have already been mined.  I don’t  know that for  sure, and  a few more will  trickle out, maybe, but you kind of can’t top  the pony page, or the 4 minute abs bit, or her failure to understand the point of Orwell’s 1984.
Like any book, some people  will buy it, some will refuse to buy it, and the vast majority of the American public, who’ve never set foot in a Barnes and Noble in their life, will  carry on obliviously and not even be  aware there was a book.

Her supporters have  probably already bought it, or will soon.  Nobody else is  going to buy it at all.  So, sales drop, news drops, sales drop.  That’s the way  it goes.

Once the book does fade from the news cycle, Hillary won’t have much else  she can due to stay in the public eye.
So, my  friends, patience.  It won’t be long  now.

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