Morgan Screws Up

I like Morgan Freeman.  I really  do.  I’m a fan.    I love ‘Through the Wormhole’ and have  never, to my  recollection, seen him in a film I didn’t enjoy.  Also,  he runs a bee sanctuary on his farm in Mississippi, and that is a very cool thing and indicative of a man who truly cares about the human race.

I also don’t have any objection to Rob Reiner.  I wouldn’t call him the most stellar director of all time, or rate him among the top 30 comedians of my lifetime, but I have been  entertained by him on occasion and rate him as a generally harmless sort.

Their recent joint endeavor, however, with Morgan Freeman narrating a short video charging Putin with trying to destroy the U.S. and saying “We are at War With Russia” was a bit out of line.

The U.S. is most certainly not at  war with Russia, nor should we want to be.  Come on, we’ve been in Afghanistan for more  than 2 decades, and haven’t won.  In Afghanistan, we’re fighting against a bunch of guys who  may have  guns, but that’s about it.  They don’t have an air force.  We lost to Viet Nam, a country that’s only about 1% of Russia’s size.

How is the U.S. going to deal with a country that can actually fight back?

So, it’s kind of crazy.  But, I’m not going to start hating on Morgan Freeman because of it.  Or Rob Reiner.  They’ve got  their political opinions, which I think are kind of ridiculous.  But, I’m still going  to watch ‘Through the Wormhole.’


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