Robots, and some Jobs they will do

When robots  take all of the jobs, one result will be that some services previously only available at a high price will become much more affordable.  So, instead of taking jobs, they will be improving our lifestyle.

They’ll probably take a few jobs, too, a major technological change to society like that is bound to be a bit wrenching.  Of course, robocars are going to eliminate a lot of jobs for truck drivers and cab drivers.  On the other hand, that means that shipping costs will be lowered which is bound to be good for the economy, and cab drivers will no  longer be able to defraud people.

They might still be able to converse, though, which will be interesting.  You won’t have to tip your robot bartenders and waitresses.  But, there’s a couple of other jobs I’m thinking of.  Robot massage parlors will  boom.  No, I’m not  talking about sex dolls.  Seriously.  A robot masseur doesn’t need to make a living wage, and they can work long  hours and apply just the right pressure and it will  be cheap enough everybody  can  go  get  one  at the end of a hard day’s work because, hey, why not, we’ve earned it.

Another one, which depends on a certain amount of near sentience, being able to respond to questions and statements with understanding, is psychology.  Who goes to  psychologists today?  Not many.  It’s expensive, and a lot of people don’t want to pour out their troubles to a stranger, no matter how committed they are to doctor-patient privilege.  A robot with a nice soothing voice and a literally encyclopedic knowledge of human emotions and  ailments and a completely non-judgemental attitude, on account of not actually being human, might just smooth right  over that problem.

Those are a couple of jobs  where I  think they will have a positive impact, and expand the  field rather than  take  jobs.  I’m sure there will be others.


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