A Dark Day

Such a dark day.  I feel a bit guilty even lamenting the passing of Tom Petty when there are 58 dead in Las Vegas.  It was unexpected, he was only in his mid 60s, just a couple years older than me, but many of  the dead were young, really young, with their whole lives ahead of them.
All we can do is mourn.  We could, of  course, try to prevent it ever happening again, but that’s not likely  to happen in America.  One person on my Facebook page said “Please  don’t make  this into a political event.”  I suppose she was being                well-intentioned.  Give people time to mourn without arguing about guns.  But I don’t agree.

Now is exactly  the time to  have this argument about  guns.  If we banned automatic weapons, and required  psychological  tests for  anyone wanting to buy a gun (and if you want to buy ten, that  right there is a sign that  maybe you’re a couple  of tacos short of a platter), then it would almost certainly reduce the number of this  kind of killings.  I say almost certainly because it worked  in Australia.  It works  in  most developed countries.  America is  not really any  different.

But, that’s one of the problems with  the USA.  In  fact, it’s one  of  the biggest ones.  We just refuse to learn from the example of others.  Everybody’s got  universal health care, and you can see that  it works.  America says no.  Germany, and Sweden, have almost  reduced their carbon  footprint to zero, but America  keeps  pushing  for  more  oil pipelines rather than putting up solar panels  and windmills.  A couple  of  states have had huge  success with  legal marijuana, but are the others learning?  Not so  much.
It’s just plain  pig-headedness and, especially on the issue of guns, it’s costing lives.


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