Trump in Puerto Rico

Well, nearly two weeks after Maria wreaked  havoc on the island of Puerto  Rico, President Trump finally managed  to make  his way across that ‘big, big ocean’ for a visit, where he gave himself an A+ for his response to the crisis, joked about  how  much Puerto Rico was  costing  the United States, said it wasn’t really  all  that  bad because more people  died in  Katrina, and threw paper towels at the crowd (no, really).

First, the A+ remark.  Dude, you do  not get to  give  yourself a grade.  That’s not  the way  grades are  given.  I don’t even like liking  my  own  posts because I figure that’s down  to other people.  If you listen to pro athletes after a big game, they always are gracious and say “Well, my opponent was really tough and I  was fortunate to score a lot of (goals, baskets, touchdowns, whatever).”  They almost  never say “Man, I was awesome, I was so great out there today, wasn’t I?”  First, because it would be totally uncool, and second, because if you were awesome, other people would be saying so.

In this case, observers close to the  action and  around the  world are all saying that Trump sucks, that his response to the catastrophe is benign indifference at best, and deliberate genocide at worst.  Let’s review.  His first reaction was to say point out that Puerto Rico was in debt, which was  a rather nasty thing to say, especially as private citizen  Trump once screwed Puerto Rico out of 33 million dollars in a golf course deal gone bad.  Then, he refused to waive the Jones Act, which means he was DELIBERATELY OBSTRUCTING aid.  He relented on  that after  a couple of days of negative  press, but he  certainly doesn’t get credit for getting aid to the island in a timely fashion.
It has been two weeks.  By that time after a natural disaster (this is not a war, nobody is shooting at or resisting aid in any way), everybody should be rescued and a rebuilding  process should  have begun, like about 10 days ago.  That’s lost time.  Donald Trump can never, ever make up for  that, no matter what he does now.  And he’s still  not taking it seriously.   Throwing paper towels.  Asshole.


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