The Neanderthals and Us

I was just reading an article about  how  3-5% of the DNA of most people in the world who are not African is Neanderthal.  I do wonder how they can spot that, it’s not like  we ever had any blood or tissue samples to work with.  Also, I wonder if it includes Asia and  the Pacific, I don’t know how widespread the Neanderthals were.

In a way, though, it’s good news.   It’s like they  weren’t exterminated completely, like  the Denisovans, Homo Florensis, and probably a few  others.  Some piece of them lives  on in  us.

Inth end, though, it’s like the Panspermia theory (that life was brought to Earth on an asteroid, rather than originating here.)  It would be a cool thing to know, but doesn’t change much.  We still are what we are, and always have been.

I do have a theory, though, well, it’s more just speculation, I guess, that maybe the Neanderthals, and Denisovans, and other human species who have gone extinct are the reason that aliens haven’t made contact with us.  Knowing how evolution works (they too, evolved), they would  know  there should  be more  than one human species, so when they look down and that’s exactly what they see, they say “Uh oh, these people are exterminators, crushers of any opposition, eaters of  the cubs.  We must not allow them to come out and pollute the spaceways of the galaxy.  We can probably get away with just ignoring them for another  couple of centuries.”

And off they zoom again.


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