Russia, the Way I See It

Well, it does look like a few pro-Trump internet pages were paid for by Russians.  They were hard right sites called ‘Secured Borders,’ ‘Beyond Patriotic,’ and ‘Heart of Texas.’  They referred to Hillary Clinton as Killary, which I don’t much object to, I’m convinced that Seth Rich (and a few others) were killed for her benefit, if not with her express command, but it’s a juvenile tactic.  These sites weren’t actually trying to appeal to the thinking voter, they were not subtle, they were driving straight down the middle of the road.  These sites were there for the purpose of riling up the base.  Why they were necessary, I don’t know.
Which still leaves us with the question:  who set up and administered these sites.  Well, to listen to the Hillary people, it was Putin.  But, there’s no real  evidence of  that and  it  seems rather a lame strategy.

Maybe it  was just some crazy, Russian, white supremacist with money.  That is, in fact, not an inconsiderable demographic.  Here’s the hard part for Americans to  accept.  The internet is an international thing, anybody  can join (O.K., not in North Korea, and China is iffy), and everybody, whether Americans like it or not, has opinions on American politics.  That’s normal.

Then, there’s option 3, which is what I think happened, but that’s not based on knowledge, it’s strictly my guess, I’m just a guy with a blog, in Prague, and I don’t have any inside information.  Option 3 is that it  was a regular Troll Bank working for Trump, sort of like Hillary’s ‘Correct the Record’ gang, only Trump had them in Russia, maybe he thought that was safer, my guess is it was  cheaper.


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