Politics: You Can’t Not Have a Side

When we talk  about politics, we run  up against the roadblocks right away.

Even religion is not as rigid.  Outside of the fanatics, which is a minority faction in all major religions, most people are quit willing  to make friends with people from other religions.  They will discuss and compare the details of their religions and people will even, sometimes convert from on to the other.  People can eat a seemingly infinite variety of foods  and  very few (except  for the vegans and food fanatics like that) every  argue about it.  Sports fans tend to be adamant supporters of one team or another, but most, if they meet one of their opponents in a pub, will have a drink.  Same with music.  There’s  no actual reason  why a punk  girl and a country boy can’t date.  Morning people and evening people  generally, outside of an occasional complaint about  noise,  manage to stay out of each other’s way.  Dog lovers and cat lovers disagree very vehemently, but they generally don’t try to kill each other over it.

With politics, though,  it gets  serious.   I guess  because then you’re talking about things that really matter, you’re talking about different versions of what being human is all about, what civilization is FOR, and which way we want to go in the future.  So, yeah, politics is  different.  It  counts.


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