Weekend List

I very often make to-do lists but I never do all the stuff on  them so it’s kind of a pointless exercise, and even more pointless no doubt is to announce it here.  However, it’s late, I’m high as a kite (yes, that’s a tired old metaphor, but whatever) and I’m falling asleep  in front  of the computer screen, so that’s going to be my blog for tonight.

But the proof is  in  the  doing and not in the  list making, so this weekend I’m keeping it simple and I’ve only got one thing on the list.  This weekend I’m  going to work on putting together my next book.  Taking the stuff I’ve got, titling it and spacing it so I’ve got as many  of the poems as possible on  one page, not  that I mean I want lots of  poems on one page, but I  mean I  want each poem to  start and end on its own page, which will not  always be possible, because two  or three of them are long.  Then,  I’ll look through the random lists of uncollected poetry, checking against my published books  to make sure they actually haven’t been  used yet and if not, and if they’re not embarrassingly bad, which a few are, they’ll go in the next book, too.  Maybe I’ll  get the introduction written.

So,it’s one item, but  broken  down into a few separate units  to make things easier.

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