One Day in Babileto

It was an extended family Sunday, which started with a half  written poem and ended with heavy metal.  It was a beautiful day of Babileto, that 5th season in a year that only has four of  them, so that in Babileto, you want to get  outside and do  something physical because, in the words of the Starks, ‘winter  is coming.’  Babileto means ‘grandmother’s summer’, which we would call in America Indian Summer.

It’s true that the day started off with a half written poem, because in my last dream before awakening, I had just taken a turn, and was walking along a hard, dirt path.  I was also wearing a bowler hat, for some silly reason.  Either side of the path, there was a low hedge and a lawn of bright, bright green.  And the single line, which I am certain will eventually be part of a poem, was ‘open your eyes, and see the  hidden green.’

My nephew Dylan was coming to town, he’s the drummer in a heavy metal band, and Helena and I managed to hook up with him about 4, went out for a drink with him and 3 friends, then walked around and showed him a bit of the center.  Then, around 10 p.m., Sam and I went to hear him play.  Good band.  They know how to wail. But, not really  our style.

Meanwhile, Helena went to pick up Isabel, who is back from Scotland.  Then she looped back and pick  us up.  And now, we four are under one roof again and all is right with the world.

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