Festival of Mediocre Installation Art

It’s a good thing I’m at retirement age, because I just saw an article today titled “10 Things You Can Do  to Boost Your Resumé, and not only am I so entirely lacking in expertise that  I didn’t understand any of the 10, 8 of them  were things I had no idea what  they meant.  All computer stuff.  So, I’m really glad I’m not  20 years old and trying to get into  the job market.

Bernie’s going to  speak at a Women’s Conference, and a lot of the attendees are angry.  Of course, they are angry with Bernie because they feel he caused Hillary’s loss, and they might be right.  When he stood against her on the debate stage, a lot of people saw what a Democrat should sound like, and it  wasn’t her.  Anyway, I’m glad it’s going to happen.  He’s a persuasive speaker – not dramatic, not flashy – and maybe he’ll bring some of them around.

Went out to see  a bit of the Signal Festival  this evening and, just as in year’s past, it  was kind of a yawn.  Putting Christmas lights on some scaffolding, covering the whole thing with a heavy plastic tarp, and playing some weird music, does not  make a work of  art.  Well, maybe it  does, if you’re using one of those definitions of  art like “anything the artist says is art is  art” or “art is anything that has never been seen before,” or something vague like that.  But, it’s bad art.
We only saw four or five of the installations, so it’s quite possible, out of the large numbers of them spread out  all  over the city, that there are some good  ones.  It’s also possible that  there aren’t.

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