It’s not new news, this has been  the rumor on the left, the big hubbub in conspiracy circles, since before the Democratic convention even.  Sure seems to have caught fire today, though.

I was seeing it all over the place, but I  was checking sources, and most just seemed to be virulently anti-Hillary sites, which I don’t mind reading, I’m pretty virulent in  my  dislike of her as well, but they’re not always the gold standard  in journalistic restraint, if you  know  what I mean.

Then, I saw a piece on it in Forbes, and then read a piece in the Washington Post.  The post set out to try to  debunk the whole story.  The story is this:  Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, approved  sale of a uranium mining company, which comprises about 20% of American uranium capacity, to a Russian mining company.  In return, she  got  a big, fat donation to the Clinton Foundation.
The debunking went like this:  “Well, yeah, sure it’s a huge amount, but Hillary’s name isn’t on anything and there’s no proof she even knew about it, and besides,  Trump is worse, so there.”
I’m not even exaggerating much.

I doubt  very much if Hillary Clinton  will do  jail time over it.  As the Washington Post pointed out, it’s hard to prove a quid pro quo, and it’s even harder to  get a  conviction against a rich, well connected D.C. politician.
But I  do hope  it  gets thoroughly investigated, and I  hope she feels  the wrath of public outrage.  That’s about  it.



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