The Purge

I must confess, I  miscalculated.  I thought after  losing the most winnable election in modern history, the Democrats would try to figure out what they did wrong (as is done after every airline crash) and take steps to see it wouldn’t happen again.

But, they’re going in  the other direction and it  seems nothing will dissuade them.   The recent purge of Sanders supporters from any position of authority within the Democratic (oh, how hollow that sounds now) party was a power play as definitive as (although admittedly less bloody than) the Tien An Men massacre or the October 14th, 1307 massacre of  the Knights Templar by Philip the 4th.

It was, for the Democrats, what Kristallnacht was for the Nazis.  So, the question is, what are we going to do about it?  Trying to form a 3rd party historically doesn’t work.  The last successful new party in the U.S. was the Republican party back in the 1850s, and both parties have completely changed ideologies since then, but the power structure remains.  It’s tempting, because the Democrats, it has become obvious, would rather lose than fight for single payer healthcare and a more equitable tax structure.  But it won’t work.

So, should we stay and slug it out, try to take over the party  from the inside out, like the wasp larvae that feed on ants, knocking their heads off from the inside when they’re ready  to hatch?

Actually, I think we should.  We’ve just won mayorships of two two southern cities (Jackson, Mississippi and Birmingham, Alabama) and have a reasonable shot at getting  a Berniecrat, Vincent Fort, elected mayor of Atlanta.  David Hildebrand has got the DNC worried, so to protect the millionairess Dianne Feinstein they are introducing a couple of ‘leftist’ (heavy on the quote marks) candidates to muddy the waters.  Stephen Jaffe  could knock old we’re-taking-impeachment-off-the-table Pelosi, and Randy Bryce is taking a sledge  hammer to Eddie-Munster-look-alike Paul Ryan.
The fight continues.  The lawsuit continues.  The idea continues.  The idea that universal health care is worth fighting for.  The idea that private prisons are bad.   The idea that we need to get money out of politics, make rich people pay their fair share of taxes, start regulating the banks again, and give everybody jobs setting up solar  panels  and windmills  so we can save the  planet, clean the air, and stop fracking.

If we have to destroy the Democratic party from the inside out to accomplish  that goal, then that is what we must do.


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