This is How Badly the U.S. is Owned

Texas residents applying for government aid after Hurricane Harvey turned their town into a lake are being made to fill  out a statement swearing that they don’t  support the BDS movement.  BDS stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions, and what  that means is we believe in boycotting Israel until they learn to behave a little  bit  more  like human beings, vis a vis the Palestinians.

It should not even be a controversial  opinion.

But, even  if it were controversial, it is totally unAmerican to deny people services based on  their political opinion.  Next thing you know they’ll be able to  deny you service if you hate football, if you are not a Republican, if you like Nickelback, or the Eagles, if your middle name is Luther, if you don’t own an American flag, if  you shop at trader Joe’s, if you are following more than 2 iterations of  the Star Trek franchise simultaneously, or if you make your own banana bread.

My question  is why.  The U.S. would never do this with regards to any  other country.  Can you imagine if they passed a law saying it was illegal to protest against Russia, or China, or Cuba?  Well, I guess you can imagine it, with the craziness of the current administration, but I can’t remember it ever happening.  Usually, the U.S. government is happy to see people  protesting against other countries.
So, what does Israel have  that forces the U.S. to do their bidding?  That makes the U.S. give them billions of dollars of aid every year?  The makes the U.S. delegation  to the U.N. block  any move to censure them, no matter what heinous war crimes or civil rights abuses they commit?
I don’t know, but it must be huge.


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