Green Blues

The Czech election went well for corporatists and xenophobes.  On the bright side the Pirate Party, which I don’t know too much  about except they have a cool name and are pro-EU, which is something, did well and seem poised to be a major party in future.  The communists did poorly, but I find it kind of surprising that there’s a communist party  here at all.  The Greens were crushed, they got less  than  5%.
I don’t understand that.  In every country, the Greens seem to wind up being the joke party, and yet, what more pressing  issue is there?  And they are clearly on the right side of it.
It makes me think of the scene in Percy Jackson (book.  Never seen the film straight through, so don’t know if this scene was included) where Percy’s cloven hoofed friend was out enjoying the  beauty  of the night sky and lamenting the garbage all around and Percy says something like “Oh, yeah, I forgot you’re kind of a crazy environmentalist” and Grover (I think his name was Grover) said “Only a human wouldn’t be.”

As a political issue, it seems like a total no-brainer to me.  Everybody would like cleaner air.  Cleaner air is healthy.  Everybody would  like  to save the elephants, and the orangutan, and the dolphin, and the polar bear.  It wouldn’t cost much to convert, and most of what it would cost it would  cost in wages, meaning people would get good jobs and everybody would be happy.
I’m an optimist, despite all.  I believe we will save the world and develop clean energy before we all choke to death, but I think the change will come about because of inventors, and scientists, and over the battered bodies of politicians.  Politics, it seems, is where good  ideas go to die.

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