A Few Random Thoughts

First of all, pet peeve: people who use the phrase “Wake up!” in their posts.  Especially ‘Wake up, people!”  You are not a damned alarm clock.

Did you think everybody was unaware that both political parties serve the rich? (that was  the particular context)  When you use the phrase, it’s like saying “I know what’s going on and nobody else does!”  It’s a  dumb phrase and everybody should drop it.

Jeff Flake is drawing praise from liberals with short attention spans because in his announcement not  to seek re-election, he said Trump is a crazy person who just lies all the time.  I say short attention  spans because Flake has  been a total weasel  throughout his term and supported Trump wholeheartedly until now.  I suspect he’s cut some sort of a deal, and the deal involved him bowing  out of politics.  Or, could be he didn’t think he’d win.  Politicians don’t quit lightly.

Apparently, Trump gave the contract for restoring Puerto Rico’s power to some friends of his, in a no bid deal, and they are total cowboys who will take the money and do the most half-assed, shoddy job imaginable, and after a couple more years  of  not doing enough to  help Puerto Rico, Trump will declare Puerto  Rico ‘fixed,’ and that will be that.
Also, it’s looking like Hillary commissioned the Russian dossier, from  which she  ‘knows’ that  Russia hacked the election.  So, evidence manufacturing, at the very least.

In more Hillary Clinton news, the New York City  Board of Elections has admitted they threw about 200,000 voters off the rolls, mostly in heavy Sanders districts.  So, when we said there was fraud in New York, there was fraud  in  New York.


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