The DNC and the NYCBOE

I’m not a lawyer and don’t know if the two are directly connected or if this could be considered ‘precedent,’ but I’m wondering if the admission by the New York City Board of Elections, that they removed 200,000 people from the voter rolls in Brooklyn illegally, will have any impact on Beck et alii v. the DNC lawsuit, which is currently being appealed.

It should, because it is one more piece of proof, piled on all the other pieces of proof,  that the primary was rigged, that Democrats were cheated out of a fair contest,  and the strongest possible candidate.

Probably won’t, though.  No jail time (which  I suspect was part of the deal.  “We’ll admit we did it and promise some reforms, which we will probably try to weasel out on at a later date, as long as nobody  goes to jail.”) means it will  have dropped out  of the public consciousness by next week, if it’s even a part of it now, outside of the Bernie boards.

Still,  it’s important.  While nobody has gone to jail, we still have one more  argument to add to our case, one more way in which to respond to those who say “She won the nomination, it’s just  sour grapes, a little bit of dirty politics is just normal.”
Sure, they might be able to brush off the deliberately sparse  debate schedule, irregularities at  the Nevada  convention, screen  grabs proving vote switching in Delaware, the moles inside  Sanders North Carolina campaign, the closing and shortening of hours of polling places in the Arizona primary, the whiting out of Bernies’s ballots in California, the collusion of the mainstream media (the crushing of the Onion and Colbert actually giving team Hillary content approval authority), Bill’s meeting with Loretta Lynch on a private plane at Phoenix airport, and much, much more, but they’ll have a hard time brushing this off.

200,000 people were denied their right to vote, the New York City board of elections has admitted it, and that’s that.  And that’s not right.


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