The Repercussions of the Revelations

On the one hand, it’s not nice to delete somebody’s Twitter account.  On the other hand, it  was Trump’s account, it was  a pissed off Twitter employee, who was  quitting anyway, who deleted it, and I’m sure he’s got it back by now, so it is kind of funny.

It’s not like election rigging or  anything.

A lot of  people on my Facebook page, on the Bernie Boards, are saying that we  should forget about Hillary and just move on.  They are already accusing us of losing  the next election for them, and refusing to actually acknowledge the situation.  Concern trolls, I guess you’d call them.  They act like we’re on the same side, and couch their ridiculous suggestions in sensible sounding language, but they are trolls  nonetheless.

So, no.  We’re going to keep after Hillary as  long as there are  people like  that  who keep saying we should  forget  about her.  Politics is not football.  The victory does not go to whoever gets the most points in a given time period.  The  victory goes  to whoever stays on the field the longest.

Liz Warren has admitted that  there was rigging, too.  In her  answer to that  question a few months back, she  waffled so much I’m amazed she didn’t choke.  I guess Donna Brazile’s book  made  a difference  there.
It’s all a political calculation.  How  long can I back  the wrong side before turning around and doing – or at least saying – the right thing, and expect voters  to forget about  it by the next election.  Pretty long, in the case of the average voter.  That’s changing, though, with social media, and I  think she may have left that meatloaf in the over just a bit too long.


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