Donna Dishes Dirt

Hoo boy, this Donna Brazile story is hot stuff.  Especially, as it follows hot on the heels of the New York City board of elections admitting that they denied 200,000 people in Brooklyn the right to vote.
Even before that, we had plenty of evidence that the primaries were rigged, but nothing sways a jury, or public opinion, like an admission of guilt, and now we’ve got more than one of those.

There’s  been a lot of speculation on the Bernie boards about her motivation.  Some people are so grateful for this snippet of truth that they are heaping praise on the lady who gave Hillary debate questions in advance.  Most are more skeptical, assuming either that the heat was on, the fingers on the hand of the long arm of the law were getting too close for comfort to Ms. Brazile’s collar, while some others pointed out that she’s got a book coming out and this will certainly help to sell a few copies.
I suspect both of those are true.  I also suspect that the New  York City board of elections didn’t offer up the information voluntarily.
No matter.  It’s just like the scandals on the Republican side.  If Manafort, Gates and Popadopoulos keep themselves out of jail by giving information that leads to Trumps impeachment, I’ll be happy.  If they keep themselves out of jail by offering up information that sends  Donald Trump to prison, and/or leads to forfeiture of his assets, I will be a happy camper.
Likewise, although I think it’s an insult to democracy that nobody from the New York City board of elections is going to jail, if it eventually means that Hillary Clinton does, I’ll be satisfied.


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